Monday, May 30, 2011

Garage Maniacs Party 4 - part one

It all starterd really well. The weather was good, my bike was running fine and I could'nt waith to arrive at the bbq.
But after an half hour driving it started to rain... oh well. If thats all...
About 45minutes later I wanted to take my exit to the highway A59 but found out it was closed. Fuck, I guess I have to wait a litle longer for my hamburgers. Still driving true the pouring rain, my Generator warning light starts to flash, nooh! Not that again! I didn't know how long my battery was gonna last. So I pulled over at the first gas station. Called my friends at the party and explained the situation. Harry and Marco came over to pick me up with an trailer. Man I was dissapointed. When Harry and Marco arrived at the gas statoin I found out they were standing on the other side of the highway. Dammit, what now. Then Marco found out ther was a small tunnel underneath the highway for people to cross over the road so they could go to the BurgerKing were Marco was standing. Cool! maby I can get true that tunnel with my bike!
I drove in to the tunnel at the parking area behind the gas station I was waiting. But when reaching the other end of the tunnel,.... I found out it came directly inside the BurgerKing restaurant!! OOPS, everybody's staring at me wath the fuck that running Harley is doing inside a restaurant. Gotta get out of here!!
After few minutes my bike was on the trailer and we took off to the party.
The party was great! Beside my friends, I met some cool people, had a lot of beer, a lot of fun and the bbq was still hot. Awesome night. Slept under a tree, woke up with an pretty good hang-over and the best of all; With some great help from Greg, I cold drive my bike home. Thanks man! And thanks to Eric for the parts.
The way back home was good. The weather stayed good and my bike took me all the way to my home.
Thanks guys for a great weekend.

More pics tomorrow

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