Monday, June 20, 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

Last friday afternoon my friend Oliver visetted me at my workplace. He was supposed to visit on his way over to the Kustom Kulture meeting in Bottrop, but decided to stick around for the night so we could ride together the next day and he could check out my favourite hometown bar.
He was nice enough to hang out at my girls place for the entire day, being bored, so that he could pick me up for the ride to Germany. After finishing work at 5pm, I raced home, grabbed my stuff, bolted on my freshly painted fueltank and we were on the road by 6pm.

The ride was awesome!

Until we broke down again..........
But still smiling.
Just a few kilometers from the Kustom Kulture site my clutch broke down. Shifting without clutch wasn't possible either.
I had to call my girlfriend (again) to come pick me up. Luckely she was able to find a van plus owner and someone who was still sober.
After getting picked up at the gas station and finally arriving at the party ground, I fixed my bike so I was able to drive it back home that night.

After a little bit of wandering around we stumbled upon Jeremiah of Love Cycles.
Oliver met him a couple of years before on a roundtrip trhough the States.
It was really cool to meet him in person. Just as we met a lot of cool people that evening.
The party was really awesome! Sadly we had to leave around 1am, because we had still quite a drive ahead of us. Luckely the ride back home went well.
Thanks for the great party guys and gals !!!

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