Monday, July 18, 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting

Last friday night my friends Oliver Harry and Rolf came over to my girls parents place to stay for one night. After we had some very tasty spare-ribs we took our bikes and rode a few miles along the river, and ended up in our local bar.
The next day we packed our stuff for the trip to Germany where the Choppertonw Nation Meeting was. Just a few miles before the German Border Jessy's bike broke down. He wasn't able to fix it. A few hours later he made it to the party area. That day we had nothing but rain for the afternoon and the rest of the night. It ruined a bit of the meeting but we had a great time. The campsite was about 20 minutes driving from the meeting. It was a thrilling ride thru the pouring rain with my bubble-visor in the pitchblack woods. At the campsite we had a litle after-party in elCheapo's trailer. The ride home was good without any problems.I think we've been at home for 30 minutes and packed our stuff again to head for the Rhythm and Bluesfestival in Peer Belgium. The line-up was briliant with Brian Setzer, Kitty Daisy and Lewis, Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of THE DOORS and so on.


  1. Buddy!despite the rain, a great weekend!Cool pics! Thanks for everything, see you soon!!

  2. Hopefully next weekend!
    And riding bikes again haha

    Ik stuur je morgen nog even het 06nr. van Giel. Is makkelijker denk ik.

  3. is cool! natuurlijk rijden. ik ga van de week mijn kleppen proberen te stellen.....nog nooit gedaan....begin volgende week geven ze beter weer af! heb zin in hayride!

  4. Team Hayride, FuckYea! haha
    kleppen stellen is bij geen motor zo makkelijk als bij een oude Harley. Harry kan je wel wat tips geven denk ik. Komt goed!