Monday, August 29, 2011

Eat Dust ride out

Last Saturday me and my girlfriend rode up to Cuijk, where we visited the last meetingpoint of the Eat Dust rideout. This was at a clothing shop/ restaurant incorporated the Eat Dust line in their assortment. So there was a reason to throw a little party. While driving up there, we only had a bit of rain, and it was a beautiful ride. The rest of the evening we had beautiful wether as well. The atmosphere was great, just a small gathering of people, a nice band and some free beers. Apperently the drive haddened been as good for the Belgians as it was for us, loosing exhaust pipes, ignition coils and a license plate. They had every sort of rain imaginable and finally made it there in 5 hours. Thanks a lot guys for welcoming us the way you did, and inviting us to join you for dinner, it was delicious. See you at Rockabilly Day!


  1. Nice post René!
    It was good to meet you and the miss's!
    See you guys on sunday!

  2. Thanks again for inviting us.
    We had a great time!