Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It was absolutely awesome!! The weather was perfect, the people where nice, the hangovers where big-ass and too many cool bikes and cars to get on my camera. I shot a lot of pictures, I want to share the best of them with you. I even took part of the dragrace with my Triumph on saturday.
The journey to the Hayride started wednesday night at Harry's place with a good bbq and some beers.

The next day we drove via Belgium and France to Calais where we took the ferry to Dover.
After about 4miles Oliver's bike started to already to break down. We still dont know wat the problem was but the rest of the ride everyting went just good. When the ferry arrived in Dover, all clouds cleared up and the sun shined for the next 4 days! The temperature didn't drop below 25degrees at daytime.

We arrived at 8pm on the thursday. And stayed till monday morning. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

 More later about this last pic. It's Andy's fresh barn found pan-chopper from the sixties!



  1. hey buddy! check Greasy kulture blog effe. staat een foto van jouw tijdens dragrace! cheers oli

  2. Ik had 'm gezien ja! lache man!
    Wanneer gaan we weer een tripje maken???

  3. Hey Reneetje,
    Was goed weekendtje man.

    See ya on the Road

  4. cool pics ! amamazing week

  5. nice pics!! heb volgens mij nog weln opname van een van je runs bij de drags