Saturday, December 3, 2011

Collecting parts

The rollers..
Polished / chromed hubs, new chrome rims and the rubber is waiting to get mounted.
The spoolhub wheel is for my buddy Paul.

The tail-light.
69er Mastercraft from Hippy Killer Garage. 

The headlight
An old spotlight with a nice star lens.

Anderson grips and some old chopper foot pegs I found on ebay.

And these super cool 60s NOS shorty mufflers

The description from where I bought them:
MC was a company that was formed in Los Angeles, CA back during the late 1960s chopper craze. We have had the privilege of purchasing the remaining lot of NOS “New Old Stock” mufflers created by MC. These mufflers are brand new in the box, have never been used, mounted, or installed. These were crafted in Japan and chromed with high grades of nickel back in the early days. The finish on these mufflers are far more superior than any other chrome finish you can get today.

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