Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rogues mc Choppershow

It's already a few weeks ago. But who cares. The Rogues mc Choppershow kicked ass.
It all started with a pre party at the Rogues clubhouse.
The huge shed where we spend the night.
The showground

Our GarageManiacs stand
Case his new build

And we visited the lokal chopper shop L&L Choppers

And back to the show

Schapenkoppen bikes
GarageManiac Sik and Stef

 The kantina

 Yea I know..trailer faggots



  1. Nice pics Bro, sorry i couldnt make it on time with my bike. Maybe next time.

  2. Hey René ;")
    Coole foto's man, De Rogues & L&L, goede gasten en killer bikes.
    Groetjes (ook aan je dame) en we zien elkaar weer in Bottrop (en misschien ook in België) komende zomer.
    Cheers, Ailton.