Monday, April 16, 2012

That was fun!

Took the Bonneville and rode the shit out of her for about an hour


  1. Hi Rene,
    is this a joe hunt Magneto?
    is the installation very difficult?

  2. Hey Wally
    Yes it's a JoeHunt. And it took me about three monts to install it and let the motor run perfect....
    But when I finally found out how to install it, it was dunn in just 30 minutes.
    You install it exactly the same as your points. The only special thing is you must give it 32 degrees ignition advance. Sounds like a whole lot, but it's the only way to get a good idle and good perfomance at high speed.
    I'm super duper happy with the magneto. Starts with one kick and you don't need a battery.
    I say, go for it!

  3. thanks for the information. but i´m not ready with my bike-project a triumph bobber.
    if i comes to the end, i will contact you again. ok? Ik kom uit de buurt van Enschede. Gronau.
    hartelijk bedankt,

  4. Okay, then we can talk in Nederlands too! haha
    Stuur maar een keer een mailtje als je nog wat wilt weten.
    Ik rij zelf ongeveer drie jaar probleemloos met deze ontsteking.
    Echt een aanrader dus.