Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, we left early on thursday morning.
Right from thet beginning Oliver's generator light starts to light up....
After an hour of driving we went to take a look at his bike at a gas station.
We weren't able to fix the problem and we decided to ride on without his lights on and see how far we could get... Just giving up was not what we were thinking of.

50km. further down the road I had no power from the engine and I barely couldn't keep up with Oliver's bike. We stopped again at the next gas station.
What I saw freaked the hell out of me..The complete bike was covered in oil!
Blew my head gasket from the front cylinder.......
Fuck me.

We made some phone calls and a few hours later a towing truck brought us to a nearby H-D shop.
We stayed there till about 8pm waiting for a rental car we managed via the insurance company.

After closing time, bought us some beer at the other side of the road and mechanic Max served some fine Polish Vodka.

Back on the road again!!!
Because of all this delay we missed our ferry.
So we had to take the road crossing Denmark.

Some weird German gift shop..

Driving and driving.. We stopped at 2:30am and slept in the car beside the highway.
Next morning: driving, driving and driving...

The bridge from Denmark to Sweden!

Seeing all this rain falling on our roof we weren't that sad driving in a VW with heated seats.

Friday about 8pm Arrival in Tidaholm - Sweden!!
We met these two guys from Finland on their choppers at the gas station.

At the party ground we met our Belgian buddies and Dutch Scraper buddies
They immediately took care of us and managed us a room in the castle they were sleeping for the weekend.
It was kinda painful getting there in a VW Golf Station seeing all those cool bikes and cars. But after a few beers we forgot that shit.. There was a cool party that night, got all drunk and fell a sleep in a real bed that night.



  1. coole trip dudes! Zweden is echt een paradijs, en die brug van Denemarken naar aldaar brengt elke keer weer een smile op m'n gezicht!
    (Die kerel met zijn coffin tank-flathead ben ik ook al enkele keren tegengekomen :-) )

  2. Die Max had ook makkelijk de 'Weirdo Beardo' kunnen winnen!!
    Zie jullie terug in Bottrop!

  3. Hahaha had zo een broer kunne zijn
    Bottrop gaat het niet worden dit jaar voor ons. Op naar het volgende feest!
    (30 juni!!)