Sunday, July 22, 2012

The search for the sun

We left last monday with our packed car. The plan was to ride until we found the sun.
We took the highway till the Belgium border. The rest we drove the small roads.

Almost sun..

The picknick place

That night we stayed in the forest and spend the night in our car.


Hotel at the lake

Near the Swiss border


Weird cave stuff

Were we going honey!?

Charlie, we're on a bridge Charlie!!

Camp site

The last night we spend at Bram's place. There was a bbq with drinks and friends.

Thanks Bram and Lesley for the hospitality!!
We had a great night.

Goodmorning :)

And back home again. At least for a few days.
Next wednesday starts the Hotrod Hayride trip!


  1. your welcome - sorry I missed u in the morning ;-)
    have fun @ the Hayride

  2. No problemo buddy! :)
    We had a good time!