Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome To The South Party

We wanted to give a cool party for our cool friends. All we needed was:
-A good location
-1100 cans of cheap ass beer
-Lots of booze
-Lots of food
-Good weather
-Our buddies
And we're good to go!!

Let the party begin!!

After fixing up Harry's bike we took our bikes for a spin..

Beer Break

The Love Boat

"The Best ?" award by DapperDen

BBQ! And home made stew by my girl!!

Some people bring light to the party (right Chris..)

Den's first chopper ride (all he needs now is a motorcycle license lol)

Band anonymous..

The award for "Best ?" went to "best help" Floor aka Flendrix

I believe he doesn't hate it

More live music

60's biker movies on screen

The Maniac Forces

Heyyyy what are y'all doing on the ceiling..

And the hang-over breakfast

Hangovers don't let you make the best packing decisions..
Or did you just want another bbq Eric?

Driving Den's Riviera

The Flake Kings love van

On the road again

Love birds

Everyting cleaned up and looking sharp again

Thanks everyone for showing up and having this great party with us!
We love ya all!!!!!
Special thanks to my girl for all the TCB -xxx-


  1. I'm Sorry I Missed It...
    Next Time!!

  2. 't was super, écht! Niks aan het concept veranderen en volgend jaar weer!

  3. Haha thanks!! Echt heel cool dat jullie zijn gekomen!
    En zekers volgend jaar weer :-)

  4. Nen goeie beslissing geweest om te blijven pitten!! We hebben weer gelachen! Cheers dapperden