Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's been 68 years ago. The liberation of the this region from the Nazi Germans.
And that means big Never Forget events.
First, me and my sis went to a big showfield nearby my home where you could check out all kinds of war stuff.









About 15minutes from this showfield there was another showfield. This one was in a forest near the town Overloon. Overloon was completely destroyed in 1944 by a huge tankbattle. The original trenches are still there in the forest.



Further down the road there was a German ambush.
Again with heavy gunfire and explosions.
Super realistic!


Really cool to see those Shermans flying tru the woods.
They are in this region for about a week. Doing exact the same route as in 1944.
Hopefully I see 'm again this week.

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