Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Oiltank

Okay, the reason why I'm not gonna tell you a story about the oil tank is this:
Had a few beers, me and my bike, listening to the radio and don't have anybody bothering me.
Perfect! And als not really in the mood for telling complicated stories..
Sow, you have to deal with the pictures and just a few words

I started a little while ago with making a cardboard replica of the battery Im going to use on this bike.

The plan was to biuld a horseshoe oil bag including the battery..

Looks good!
After a bit of calculating I found out I hadn't enough space for the oil capacity.
Fuck the battery!

My buddy Giel came over last night to help me out with the welding of the plates.
Thanks allot for helping me out buddy!!

Next step, making the filler cap and the tubes for the oil lines.


  1. lijkt erop dat je t goed naar je zin had schat, en nog resultaat ook:) paste t de volgende dag ook nog allemaal?

  2. Begint al een mooi kompleet plaatje te worden Rene'.

  3. Thanks!
    Ik heb niet meer durve kijken schat :)