Friday, December 21, 2012

Finaly! I'm in the US. Being with my girl again. Meeting a lot of new friends and having a blast!
The other side of the water, Canada
Going for a drink down town San Antonio last sunday
The Alamo ofcourse

That night we met up with Brian of H.O.T.W. We had a few drinks and then went off to meet more party people.

We hit a few bars and did a little afterparty. Even the S.A.P.D. came to say hello...
Absolutely awesome to meet you all. What a night lol.
The day after we met Milton Holbrook from SAN ANTONIO ROSE TATTOO.
Beer, pizza and getting tattooed

Mr. LoneStar :)

Really cool to meet you and your family Milton!! Thanks buddy
That night we met Brian again and his friend Joey

Hope to see you soon

The most cheap and crappy Motel we could find..

Get drunk and meet the locals

Thanks for having us Cori and Johnny

The next morning Exploring te awesome town Galveston.


Up to Houston
The Texas / Louisiana state border. Getting some coffee to stay awake.
Sunrise Louisiana swamps

And today, New Orleans!



  1. Anthony wants to join you two. :( I just watched a documentary about a guy who did a road trip finding rides, rooms, and food entirely on craigslist. I am inspired.

  2. That's cool!
    Well we meet up in Austin to party again Anthony :D