Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roadtrip to Berlin

I took a few days off at my work and packed my car for a trip to Berlin.
Togheter with my girl, her sister and her boyfriend, we left early.

After many hours of driving we arrived in the big city.
We booked our selves a cheap apartment what turned out to be a huge one and on a perfect location!

 The bedroom

It was fucking freezing outside, but we were thirsty and excited to go out and explore Berlin. We had some great food and fine beers.
The next morning, first some coffee at Starbucks. Thats also where we met Calem. A great guy from Ireland who lives in Berlin for a couple of years now. He gave us a alternative city tour to show us the places we wouldn't find if you don't know the way. What we saw where some really cool squat buildings with awesome graffiti (the entire city is covered in graffiti), met some artists, went to a IIWW bombed train depot what nowadays is a skatepark and visited many other cool places.

All the walls tell their own story.

The train depot, where it was also freeezing!

The outdoor cinema near the skatepark

Finally some time to warm up, and say goodbye to Calem

BurgerMeister! The finest burgers in town!

To be continued..

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