Friday, February 3, 2012

Roadtrip to Berlin II

Still way too cold and wandering true the city.
Time for a meal! You can find a good restaurant on every corner of every street. I wish we had that in the town where I come from..

All you drink in Berlin is 0,5l beers

These actually play when you trow a coin.
Really funny after some of the 0,5l-ers.


The coat that costed only 1,-euro and was the warmest of all!

On the left Carlo. Some guy from Swiss who lives in Berlin since the mid 70s.
He had many "back in the days" stories about the drugs he had used and the motorcycles he had crashed after that.  He also had great German hash haha. Was great to meet you man.

The pub where we met Carlo...
This pub hasn't been closed for 33 years now. The story go's that they lost the front door key and desidet they better never close it again. The place looks awesome; completely packed with antique. And if you looked up you could see two old 1940s BMW cycles hanging on the sealing.



Beers at the wacko viking biker bar

A huuuuge shop I guess

skate shop
I bought these A3 paintings of an artist in a squat building. Really cool place what used to be the SS headquarter. The paintings are copies of the original (the orinials are so big the wouldn't even fit in my garage).

Chris bought this one. Awesome! A 1:1 papercraft kalashnikov

Later more...

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