Friday, February 3, 2012

Roadtrip to Berlin III

White Trash Fast Food!  An former vintage Chinees restaurant transformed into a steak- burger- fuckyoufrice restaurant. With live bands, bloody B-movie horror on screen, tattoo shop, strippers and a huge bar. What do you want more!!!!?

Last night in town.
The pictures below are form Club Bassy. We thought it was a gaybar but it actually is one of the coolest clubs of Berlin. It looks like a 60s / 70s club with dragrace movies on screen, motorcycles on the sealing, vintage biker stuff and cocktails. Awesome place to get loaded haha.


Time to go home

Highway breakfast

483km till the next turn..

"Borrowed" some glasses from the gas station

We had fun and Berlin is just super duper to spend some time.
But the moral of this story is:
Stay in your garage and go built some bikes!!!

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