Monday, January 7, 2013

Back home


Back in Texas!
New Years Eve. Austin TX
Last thursday we picked up my girls sister at the airfield.
Just two more days and my journey here is over..
But before that, fun with guns!
Austin again.
Real stuff!!

This one was plastic. lol
Side Show freaks
Last friday, my last day in the US we met Brian Garcia and his friends again. Had a good night, some drinks and that night / morning back to San Antonio where the plain was waiting...
New York City.
When I left Newark Airport it was allready dark. At my window seat I had one of the most magic view I ever had. New York city by night.
And here I am today, back home.. Time for the sportster again!
My girl and her sister are on their way to San Francico. Wish I could join that trip too.
Oh well, I had fun!
God Bless Amerika :)


  1. Heel mooi als je mensen schuw bent Bro, maar ik krijg de indruk op de fotoos dat het er maar een dooie kneut is.

  2. welkom thuis kerel
    hoi rolf