Thursday, January 3, 2013

On the road

First of all: Happy New Year Y'all!!
The last post was when we drove into Mississippi. The story continues in Alabama.



After a pretty freaky ride tru the Tennessee darkness we found it! Mr. Jack's home!

The Christmas eve meal..

Nashville - Christmas
We ran accidentally into this family christmas party.
And they invited us to stay for dinner!!
Many bars where closed during Christmas, so we whent to the new Tarantino.

When we left the motel there where a few cop cars and two camera crews near our room.
Time to go I guess..

The grave of Mr. John R. Cash and Ms. June Carter Cash





Sun Records Studio


Cool Antique stores!
And we found SUPER CYCLE!
Really cool shop, builder of the Elvis Presley cycles, cool collection of bikes and parts. And nice people :)



After the super cool SUPER CYCLE visit, we went to Elivs Presleys Graceland.


Original Johnny Cash suit and handwritten letter.

After Elvis's place we left Tennessee.
On our way to Arkansas

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